What is your shipping policy?

All services are only available in our darkroom location in McKinney TX. Film developing services are available at the store, or you can mail them in to our main store address

Goodies Texas

114 N Tennessee St

McKinney TX 75069

At this time, you will need to pick up your negatives, but if you choose to have scans done, they will be delivered via Google Drive to your email, and we store the negatives here. We are looking to add return shipping of negatives and prints (coming soon) in the future.


We only will ship to the lower 48 states at this time.

What chemistry do you use?

We use Ilford Chemicals for all our Black and White developing.

We use Fuji Pro chemicals for C41 and E6 developing.

We will be offering other chemicals, home brews in the future.

Do you offer print services?

We will be adding both Black and White, and Color RA4 printing services in the future.

We also are looking to put in our large format photographic inkjet printers.

Are there extra charges?

There is no extra charge for disposable cameras, there is no extra charge for cross processing.

Any other questions?

Please email us at focusphototexas@gmail.com